Our Approach

Expert bettors normally work harder than those in routine tasks– but possibly enjoy their work more. Their primary know-how knows when not to bet. Do not bet for fun, for interest or for enjoyment. Bet to win.

Having had a great deal of success assisting others to win in different kinds of football betting, I lastly struck on the fundamental technique of keeping things basic 5 years ago.

With the lender, the primary objective is to find a bet with the least negatives versus it. A winning run is the target and our longest up until now has been eleven. A long odds-on shot can still be value, but on days when there are 100+ games to think about, yoking a number of odds together for an overall return that is odds-against is far much safer than taking the win-win double outcome, or -1 Handicap, or win-to-nil paths on a single game.

You’ll find that numerous of our lender bets will be doubles. The typical rate will be above 4/6 (and often way above that) so a 60% strike rate guarantees an earnings.